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Bazaar International was established in 1985 and it focuses on the import and distribution of international publications, including books, journals, magazines & newspapers in Nepal and to its Diasporas in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. .

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With a 75% share of the market in imported magazines and a 25% share of the market in academic books we are one of the biggest players in print media. We represent and distribute print products from highly reputed names in the publishing industry such as Elsevier Health Sciences, The Economist Newspaper Limited, TIME ASIA, McGraw Hill, Sage Publications, World Bank Publications Unit, and the Asian Development Bank Publications Unit among others. Furthermore we also distribute cutting edge journals and over 1000 daily newspapers as a print-on-demand service with license from Newspaperdirect Inc.

We have two sales outlets in Thamel and an online presence at http://www.bi.com.np, where our products can be accessed with ease. All our products are also home deliverable in Nepal and Overseas for the convenience of our customers. In addition to this we distribute books and magazines to a network of more than 150 sales outlets throughout the country.

Bazaar International is also one of the general members of DISTRIPRESS (www.distripress.net), a nonprofit organization based in Zurich-Switzerland. More than 470 publishers, distributors and freight forwarders from 97 countries make up this international organization. The firm is also a member of Nepal Book Sellers and Publishers Association.

With our extensive trade contacts, marketing affiliations and other strategic partnerships with publishers and suppliers we take pride in providing a superlative degree of service to our valued customers.