1000 Questions and Answers from Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine, 2/e
Kumar and Clark have brought together over 1000 of the questions they have been asked along with their answers. It will appeal to the many fans of Kumar & Clark, from first-year students to practising doctors, and will provide a useful and interesting sounding board to help ensure best practice.
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Medicine, Prep Manual for Undergraduate, 5/e
The fifth edition of this book is a must-have for all undergraduate medical students as it prepares them for both theory and viva-voce examination. It is also useful for dentistry and nursing students.
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The Elements of Fracture Fixation, 3/e
Timely, accurate, and up-to-date text clearly explaining the fundamentals of fracture healing and bone fixation in a format that is concise, well organized and easy to follow.
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Carranza's Clinical Periodontology: 2nd South Asian Edition
Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology: Second South Asia Edition is a complete and thorough presentation of periodontology essentials while retaining the style and quality that makes Carranza ’s Clinical Periodontology the number one periodontal textbook in the world
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Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6/e
Dr. Stanley F. Malamed's Handbook of Local Anesthesia, published by Elsevier India, is a comprehensive handbook that deals with the latest advances in science, pain control and instrumentation.
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Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology, (For SA Export Countries), 13/e
The 13th edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title's long tradition as the world’s foremost medical physiology textbook.
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Difiore’s Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations, 13/e
This thirteenth edition of Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations (formerly diFiore's) provides a rich understanding of the basic histology concepts that medical and allied health students need to know........
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Gastrointestinal Physiology, 8/e
Gastrointestinal Physiology, a volume in the Mosby Physiology Monograph Series, explains the fundamentals of gastrointestinal physiology in a clear and concise manner. Ideal for your systems-based curriculum, this fully updated medical textbook provides you with a basic understanding of how the GI system functions in both health and disease.
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Biochemistry, 5/e
Renowned and recommended textbook in the subject that explains the basic concepts in concise manner
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Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, 7/e
Prepare your students to handle life-threatening dental emergencies! Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, 7th Edition helps students learn the skills needed to manage medical emergencies in the dental office or clinic. It describes how to recognize and manage medical emergencies promptly and proactively, and details the resources that must be on hand to deal effectively with these situations. This edition includes new guidelines for drug-related emergencies, cardiac arrest, and more. From well-known dentistry expert Dr. Stanley Malamed, this resource provides dental professionals with the tools for implementing a basic action plan for managing medical emergencies.
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Management of Nursing Services and Education, 2/e
Salient Features Providing quality content on management and education in the current health care settings, this book is particularly useful for the students of B.Sc. nursing (4th year), where the nurses have to manage patients and simultaneously provide nursing services in an effective manner.
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Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology, 2/SAE
Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title's tradition as the world's favourite physiology textbook, presenting complex principles in language that is easy to read and understand.
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Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry, 11/e
It is a complete overview of the entire field of psychiatry for clinicians, residents, students, and all others who provide mental health care.
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Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, IE, 22/e
More than two million medical students, doctors and other health professionals around the globe have owned a copy of Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine since it was first published.
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