Quick Review of Oral Anatomy, Histology, Physiology and Tooth Morphology
The contents are presented in a way which is simple to comprehend yet exhaustive in its coverage. The inclusion of Key Points, Mind Maps, Multiple Choice Questions, schematic diagrams and instructions for the procedure of tooth carving are additional features incorporated in this book.
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Microbiology For Dental Students with Over 500 MCQs, 3/e
This book presents the vast subject of Microbiology, which includes general microbiology, immunology, systemic bacteriology and oral microbiology, in small and well‐structured chapters. Also covered are parasitology and clinical and practical microbiology in necessary detail.
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Ten Cate's Oral Histology: 1st SAE
Ten Cate’s Oral Histology covers all the latest research and trends in oral histology, embryology, physiology, oral biology, and postnatal growth and development that is essential to success in oral health!
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Textbook of Orthodontics, 1/e
This book is an effort to step up with the present changing scenarios of learning. It is the fruition of striking a balance between rejuvenated fundamentals of classical manuscripts, the fresh knowledge rich curriculum and tailored resource package with outstanding transparencies. It combines the strong foundation of basic core elements of orthodontic concepts, proper diagnosis and recognition of problems and exposure to treatment strategies and methodologies.
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Textbook of Prosthodontics, 2/e
The book provides a strong basic foundation along with contemporary clinical and laboratory applications. The book is written in an easy -to-comprehend-and-remember style, the clinical and laboratory aspects are depicted with colour photographs, radiographs, line diagrams, tables, boxes and flowcharts to make the text self-explanatory.....
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Prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients: Complete Dentures and Implant-Supported Prostheses: 1st SAE
This South Asia Edition comes at a time when tremendous strides have been made in the field of Dentistry, as well as in Prosthodontics, globally as well as within the Asian subcontinent. While retaining the core content of the International edition of the textbook, the current edition simultaneously introduces several emerging concepts.
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Textbook of Public Health Dentistry, 3/e
Based on the syllabus prescribed by Dental Council of India, the book covers various aspects of public health, dental public health, preventive dentistry, social sciences and research methodology through simple presentations of the content.
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Endodontics: Principles and Practice, 5/e
Describing how to diagnose pulpal and periapical diseases and perform basic root canal treatments, Endodontics: Principles and Practice, 5th Edition helps students add endodontic skills to their skills in general dentistry.
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Grossman’s Endodontic Practice, 13/e
It incorporates the changes that have occurred in endodontic theory and practice in terms of materials, concepts and protocols. The presentation of the concepts and techniques has also been revised.
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Shafer's Textbook of Oral Pathology, 8/e
The periodic and timely revisions of Shafer’s Textbook of Oral Pathology have brought out a treatise, well conceived and written with the aim of updating students all necessary nuances of the specialty.............
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Preclinical Manual of Prosthodontics, 2/e
This manual provides step-by-step illustrations of the various laboratory exercises, which students have to learn and perform in their 2nd Year BDS course for the preclinical prosthodontics examination. This is the only book of its kind that would serve as a guide for learning as well as practicing the exercises on his/her model in the class.
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Preclinical Manual of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, 2/e
This manual provides step-by-step pictures and illustrations of the various laboratory exercises, which students have to learn and perform in their first and second year BDS course for the preclinical conservative dentistry examination....
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Phillips' Science of Dental Materials: 1st SAE
This South Asian edition, based on 12th edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials, while maintaining the current and authoritative nature, has incorporated certain features, which would make it more valuable to students and clinicians in the Indian context.
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Oral Pathology: Clinical Pathologic Correlations, 1st SAE
Presents diseases and conditions by appearance and presentation, so that you can easily identify and plan treatment for common oral and paraoral problems.
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Medical Problems in Dentistry, 7/e
Advances in surgical and medical interventions and therapeutics continue apace and raise issues in relation to their appreciation, including their respective advantages and disadvantages, within the context of modern dentistry. The aim of this book is to provide a basis for the understanding of modern medicine and surgery on oral health and oral health care, and to help dental health workers deliver safe care within a framework of informed consent.
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McDonald and Avery's Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent, 1st SAE
You can count on McDonald: the go-to source for expert, complete coverage of oral care for infants, children, and teenagers for over half a century. McDonald and Avery’s Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent, 10th Edition discusses pediatric examination, development, morphology, eruption of the teeth, and dental caries in depth — and emphasizes prevention and the treatment of the medically compromised patient.
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Sturdevant's Art and Science of Operative Dentistry, 1/e (Adaptation)
Get a better picture of operative dentistry from the most complete text on the market. Using a detailed, heavily illustrated, step-by-step approach, this comprehensive guide helps you master the fundamentals and procedures of restorative and preventive dentistry and learn to make informed decisions to solve patient needs.
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Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 6/e
A comprehensive text on oral surgery procedures, Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 6th Edition helps your students develop skills in evaluation, diagnosis, and patient management.
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Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2/e
In the second edition of the book a detailed and authoritative exposition of basic principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery is presented in altogether 50 chapters under 12 sections.
₨ 2234.09 2234.09250466 NPR
Carranza's Clinical Periodontology: 2nd SAE
Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology: Second South Asia Edition is a complete and thorough presentation of periodontology essentials while retaining the style and quality that makes Carranza ’s Clinical Periodontology the number one periodontal textbook in the world
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