Textile Report
Textile Report, Extensive trend information for the whole textile and fashion market, with special focus on young womens wear, street fashion, designer collections, trade fair reports, colour and styling trends including fabrics...
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View Textile
View Textile Magazine. Extensive and significant information source for the entire textile branch; Distinctive, global trend information for the upcoming 4´four seasons; Professional reports on fashion news, materials, colours, styling, textile print, design scene and lifestyle; Street and culture reports from the fashion capitals of ...

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Cover: Modern Carpets and Textiles
COVER: Modern Carpets & Textiles for Interiors is a quarterly magazine focused on the best fine rugs and textiles being designed and made today. COVER also looks at market trends and innovations and examines the role of rugs and textiles in interior design.
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Hali - Carpet & Textiles
HALI magazine is the leading publication in the world of antique carpets, textiles and Islamic art. Hali magazine has served the needs of dealers, collectors and ...
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The Knitter (UK)
The Knitter caters for skilled knitters with more than 10 challenging patterns in each issue. The Knitter has beautiful, original patterns and inspiration from world-class designers. Our patterns aren’t just fabulous to look at, they’re enjoyable to make, with a few unusual techniques and intriguing ways with yarns for you to try.
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Orientations is an authoritative source of information on the many and varied aspects of the arts of East and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, India, Central Asia and the Middle East, from the latest scholarly research to market analysis and current news.
Published in Hong Kong and distributed worldwide since 1970, it is essential to any art library.
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