Make: Magazine (US Ed.)
Fantastic US magazine that is a real favourite here at Newsstand, Make magazine is devoted to the philosophy of Do it Yourself.
₨ 11888.01 11888.005478 NPR
Mac Format Magazine (UK Ed.)
An informed, expert guide to all your Apple needs, Mac Format magazine covers absolutely everything Apple, making this the perfect magazine for any i-fan.
₨ 22440.01 22440.0066422 NPR
Linux Magazine (UK Ed.)
For those who know that the best Operating Systems are open-source and entirely free, Linux Magazine is the perfect publication for you.
₨ 23188.01 23188.0068637 NPR
Rotor Drone (US Ed.)
Drones already film our favorite movies, keep watch over our neighborhoods, and wage our distant wars. Someday, they might save our lives.
₨ 7500.00 7500.0 NPR
Code Magazine (US Ed.)
Founded in 1993 and based in Houston, TX, EPS Software/CODE is widely-recognized for advanced technical expertise and the ability to help companies build better software with modern technology.
₨ 8321.60 8321.6038346 NPR
CNET Magazine (US Ed.)
CNET tracks all the latest consumer technology breakthroughs and shows you what's new, what matters, and how technology can enrich your life.
₨ 6538.40 6538.4030129 NPR
Admin Magazine (UK Ed.)
Aimed squarely at the IT professional or the very dedicated enthusiast, Admin magazine covers networking and security for Windows, Linux, Unix and Solaris.
₨ 13464.00 13464.0039853 NPR
T3 (UK)
T3 magazine is a UK-based technology magazine, which specialises in gadgets, gizmos, and other technology. Originally, T3 stood for Tomorrow's Technology Today, but this is not used anywhere in the magazine or on the website anymore.
₨ 23936.01 23936.0070851 NPR
Wired (US)
Wired is by all accounts, the magazine for smart, intellectually curious people who need and want to know what’s next. Wired will always deliver stimulating and compelling content and stunning design and photography. If you want to be the first to know what’s coming next – try Wired, it's mostly very cool. This is the UK version of the very popular US magazine and it's a really good read.
₨ 14550.00 14550.0 NPR
PC Quest India
PCQuest is one of the largest read IT Publication in India. Known as the most authentic source of IT purchase decision making content for enterprises and consumers alike, it is trusted by millions of readers in India that helps to understand the latest technologies, choose the right IT products, and solutions.
₨ 2700.00 2700.0 NPR
MSDN Magazine
As part of the indispensable MSDN family of developer resources, MSDN Magazine brings you solutions to the real-world problems you face every day.
₨ 12000.00 12000.0 NPR
Stuff (UK)
Stuff is the cutting-edge guide to gadgets, gear and technology and is Earth’s most renowned gadget compendium. Inspirational, witty and friendly, it has become the best-selling gadget magazine in the world.
₨ 20196.01 20196.005978 NPR
Stuff India
The largest selling gadget magazine in the world entered the Indian market in December 2008 and has been capturing the imagination of tech geeks ever since.
₨ 2150.00 2150.0 NPR
MIT Technology Review
The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.
₨ 10693.26 10693.2609275 NPR
What Hi Fi - Sound & Vision (Indian)
What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, the world's best selling hi-fi and home entertainment magazine. News and reviews on separates, systems and home cinema keep the hi-fi follower up-to-date with the latest products to hit the shops.
₨ 2150.00 2150.0 NPR
MIT Sloan Management Review
MIT Sloan Management Review leads the discourse among academic researchers, business executives and other influential thought leaders about advances in management practice that are transforming how people lead and innovate............
₨ 14860.01 14860.0068475 NPR