Yoga Journal (US)
Yoga Journal is a healthy living magazine that is devoted to health, exercise, and the yoga lifestyle. It is a valuable resource for yogis of all ages, offering tips on completing poses correctly, eating well, and delivering information about the spiritual side of practicing yoga.
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Bon Appetit - For Good Recipes (US)
Bon Appetit magazine is a cooking and food magazine devoted to the culinary arts and good wine, offering restaurant reviews, recipes, and entertainment ideas for your next party.
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Asia Spa - Int'l Ed.
Asia Spa Magazine is a luxury lifestyle and travel publication dedicated to the pursuit of complete wellbeing.
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Men's Health (US)
Men's Health is an essential read for guys who want to look better, feel better, and live better. But Men's Health isn't just a magazine. It's the solution-for every bit of chaos, confusion, or suffering that the world can inflict on the male of the species.
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Reader's Digest India
Reader's Digest magazine and books offer arresting content on health, food and recipes, travel, personal experiences with chances to ......
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Child: Parenting Matters India
Child is a friendly, positive, complete parenting magazine embracing all aspects of parenting: pregnancy, birth, development, health, discipline, behavior, education, activities and games as well as new products and practices. Rather than preaching or firefighting, Child approaches parenthood as a time to be enjoyed.
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Olive magazine feature inspiring seasonal recipes, from quick after-work meals to relaxed weekend entertaining ideas.
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Men's Health Special (US)
Men's Health magazine is your ultimate guide to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, style and guy wisdom.
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Asia Spa India
Asia Spa magazine is a luxury lifestyle and travel publication dedicated to the pursuit of complete wellbeing. Highlighting the latest destinations, wellness sanctuaries, spa treatments, yoga retreats, fashion and beauty, Asia Spa keeps up with the trends of the growing spa and wellness industry, offering its well travelled readers an essential guide to pampering and vacationing the luxe way.
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Health & Nutrition India
One of India’s leading wellness, fitness and lifestyle magazine. Enables the readers to cultivate a health-conscious lifestyle.
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