Biomedical Research

Author: Jagadeesh
Edition: 1/e
ISBN: 9788184732009
Language: English
Published: 2009
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

Specially designed for aspiring researchers, this book presents a systematic exposition of the basic principles and methodologies involved in biomedical research.

Biomedical Research


Specially designed for aspiring researchers, this book presents a systematic exposition of the basic principles and methodologies involved in biomedical research. The book covers the entire research process from the conception of an idea, its development, investigation and execution, and finally to its publication. Various research methodologies including study design and statistical approaches to data analysis are also discussed in detail. The importance of ethics and integrity in research is highlighted extensively. In addition, the book discusses relevant issues relating to the commercialization of research innovations and outlines the steps necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

Table of Contents

Section A: Getting Started in Research

1. Creative and Critical Thinking in Biomedical Research

2. Research: A Burning Passion to Discover

3. The Four Cornerstones of a Research Project: Health Problem in Focus, Objectives, Hypothesis, Research Question

4. An Overview of the Research Process

Section B: Planning for Non-Clinical Science Research

5. Writing a Research Protocol in Pharmacology and Toxicology

6. Research Methods in Ion Channel Biology

7. Writing Protocols for Preclinical Drug Disposition (ADME) Studies

8. Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Research

9. Research in Nanomedicine Technologies

10. Pharmacogenomics: From Statistics to Mechanisms and Applications

11. Alternatives to Animal Experimentation in Research

Section C: Planning for Clinical Research

12. Clinical Science Research

13. Principles of Study Designs in Clinical Research

14. Writing a Clinical Trial Protocol

15. Clinical Pharmacology: Characterisation of a Drug Product

16. Bioavailability / Bioequivalence: Study Considerations

Section D: Study Design and Statistical Analysis

17. Statistics in Pharmacology

18. Design and Statistical Analysis of Toxicology Studies

19. Statistical Consideration: Design and Approaches for Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Studies

Section E: Exploring the Literature for Reaching Ideas

20. Comprehensive Review of the Literature

21. Finding Information in Medical Sciences: Searching the Medical Literature

Section F: Scientific Communication

22. How to Write a Good Scientific Paper

23. ABC of Medical Writing: Language and Style in Scientific Communication

24. Structure of a Scientific Paper in Biomedical Sciences

25. How to Structure an Abstract, Title and Introduction

26. Writing the Results

27. Writing a 'Discussion' Section in a Medical Article: An Exercise in Critical Thinking and Argumentation

28. Synthesis of a Thesis

29. Reference Style and Common Errors with Referencing

Section G: Tools for Scholarly Publications

30. Working with Journals: Cover Letter to the Journal, Peer Review and Revision Process

31. Health Research Reporting Guidelines: An Overview

Section H: Seeking Research Support

32. How to Write a Successful Research Proposal: The Science, Art and Economics of it

33. Writing a Grant Proposal

34. Funding Opportunities in Biomedical Sciences and Preparing a Successful Grant Application

Section I: Innovation in Career

35. Beyond Knowledge for Knowledge's Sake

Section J: Research and Publication Integrity

36. Research Ethics for the Biomedical Sciences