Cover: Modern Carpets and Textiles

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: Quarterly
ISSN: 2042-7069
Language: English

COVER: Modern Carpets & Textiles for Interiors is a quarterly magazine focused on the best fine rugs and textiles being designed and made today. COVER also looks at market trends and innovations and examines the role of rugs and textiles in interior design.

Cover: Modern Carpets and Textiles 

Published  ( 4 issues per year )

About Cover: Modern Carpets and Textiles

COVER: Carpets & Textiles for Modern Interiors is an international magazine published four times per year, focusing on the best in carpets and textiles designed and manufactured today. Covering artist textiles, market trends and innovations, COVER is a rich resource of inspirational work from across the globe.