GQ India

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: Monthly
Language: English

GQ India is a Men's Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine. It covers topics ranging from style, cars, technology and lifestyle to culture, sports and fitness. In-Depth interviews with celebrities, businessmen and thinkers from India and Abroad.

GQ India 

Published ( 12 issues per year )

About GQ India

It also highlights many of the things that men love, including cars, watches, sports, fitness, girls, and lifestyle information, all with a dash of Indian flavor. GQ India eloquently combines a rugged and adventurous lifestyle with the delicacies of high fashion in not only clothing, but also all the things that are incorporated in men’s lives that creates an image of luxury, intelligence, and most importantly, the image of a gentleman.

In addition to celebrity lifestyle from some of India’s leading actors, actresses, artists, businessmen, and intellectuals, the magazine also contains compelling articles and breaking news segments, detailing the newest styles, grooming trends, the cars of some of the most prominent people, the newest in cutting edge technology, and India’s leading women.