Harvard Business Review (US)

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: Bi-monthly
ISSN: 0974-3855
Language: English

Harvard Business Review is a business magazine that delivers valuable insights and best practices advice to help management-level professionals lead effectively.

Harvard Business Review (US)

Published ( 6 issues per year )

About Harvard Business Review - English Edition

First published in 1922, Harvard Business Review focuses on educating business management professionals so they can not only lead with effectiveness, but also make a positive impact. The magazine strives to provide its readers with ideas to assist them in becoming smarter, more courageous and more creative when it comes to their work.

Harvard Business Review is highly respected for its quality content, often coming from well-known scholars and management theory/practice experts. Its subject matter is mainly focused on topics related to leadership, negotiation, innovation, operations, organizational change, strategy, finance, marketing, decision making, work-life balance and managing people.

Recent articles in Harvard Business Review were published under these titles: Building a Workforce for the Future; What Does Your Customer Really Want; How to Tackle Your Toughest Decisions; Managing the 24/7 Workplace; Entrepreneurship for the Long Term; Branding in the Age of Social Media; How to Build a Culture of Originality; Secrets of the Superbosses; and Don't Let Power Corrupt You.

Whether a rising star who wants to get to the top or a senior business strategist, each professional benefits from the thoughtful, original and evidence-based articles in Harvard Business Review.

Business management professionals who are always seeking out expert advice to improve their performance will enjoy a subscription to Harvard Business Review.