Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Edition: Print only
Period: 1 Year
Editor: Wieslaw Binienda
Frequency: Bi-monthly
ISSN:  0893-1321 
Language: English

The Journal of Aerospace Engineering is unique in that it combines civil engineering with aerospace technology (but also incorporates other elements of civil engineering) to develop structures for space and extreme conditions.

Journal of Aerospace Engineering

Published ( 6 issues per year )


The Journal of Aerospace Engineering promotes the implementation and development of space and aerospace technologies and their transfer to other civil engineering applications. Topics of interest include aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing of buildings and structures, aerospace structures and materials, advanced composite materials, dynamics and control, real-time data acquisition, space engineering and construction, lunar base construction, field and remote sensing, and robotics.

About the Editor

Wieslaw Binienda, Ph.D., F.ASCE, University of Akron