National Geographic Kids (US)

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: 10/Year
ISSN: 1542-3042
Language: English

National Geographic Kids magazine is an exciting monthly read for boys and girls both big and small! Designed to inspire and inform readers about the world around them through the incredible stories and dazzling photography you’d expect from National Geographic just packed into itty, bitty, bite-sized chunks the whole family can enjoy!

National Geographic Kids (US)

Published ( 10 issues per year)

About National Geographic Kids (US)

Nothing makes learning for children more fun than blending nature and science with cool and colorful photos of the things they love – animals. National Geographic Kids Magazine does just that. Children love reading stories about, and seeing photos of, kids from different cultures around the world, as well as learning about how animals of all shapes and sizes live, eat and interact in the wild. These magazines also have educational science discovery articles and illustrations that will have kids saying, “wow” and wanting to explore some more. These educational magazines are full of beautiful photographs zooming in on exotic animals in their natural habitats, and include interesting write-ups on how different parts of the Earth work together to make everything children see on a daily basis with their own eyes.