Textbook of Critical Care: 1st SAE

Author: Vincent
Edition: 1st, SAE
ISBN: 9788131248935
Language: English
Published: 2017
Publisher: Elsevier, India

Comprehensive, concise, and readable, Textbook of Critical Care, First South Asia Edition, brings you fully up to date with the effective management of critically ill patients, providing the evidence-based guidance you need to overcome a full range of practice challenges.

Textbook of Critical Care: 1st SAE


Comprehensive, concise, and readable, Textbook of Critical Care, First South Asia Edition, brings you fully up to date with the effective management of critically ill patients, providing the evidence-based guidance you need to overcome a full range of practice challenges. Drs. Jean-Louis Vincent, Edward Abraham, Frederick A. Moore, Patrick Kochanek, and Mitchell P. Fink are joined by other international experts who offer a multidisciplinary approach to critical care, sharing expertise in anesthesia, surgery, pulmonary medicine, and pediatrics. This highly acclaimed text offers ICU clinicians a new understanding of the pathophysiology of critical illness and new therapeutic approaches to critical care.

Key Features

  • Features a wealth of tables, boxes, algorithms, diagnostic images, and key points that clarify important concepts and streamline complex information for quick reference.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Common Problems

1 Sudden Deterioration in Neurologic Status, 2

Joseph M. Darby and Anupam Anupam

2 Agitation and Delirium, 6  

Kwame Frimpong, E. Wesley Ely, and Arna Banerjee

3 Management of Acute Pain in the Intensive Care Unit, 11  

David Boldt

4 Fever, 16  

Mitchell P. Fink†

5 Very High Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure, 19  

Michael Donahoe

6 Low Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure, 24  

Anna W. McLean, Kyle J. Gunnerson, and Lakhmir S. Chawla

7 Tachycardia and Bradycardia, 27  

Bryan Romito and Joseph S. Meltzer

8 Arterial Hypoxemia, 30  

Jimmy Johannes and Rajan Saggar

9 Acute Respiratory Failure, 33  

Igor Barjaktarevic and Tisha Wang

10 Pulmonary Edema, 38  

Beth Y. Besecker and Elliott D. Crouser

11 Polyuria, 42  

Ramesh Venkataraman and John A. Kellum

12 Oliguria, 45  

Ramesh Venkataraman and John A. Kellum

13 Hypernatremia and Hyponatremia, 49  

Sumit P. Singh

14 Hyperkalemia and Hypokalemia, 52  

Bryan Romito and Anahat Dhillon

15 Hyperphosphatemia and Hypophosphatemia, 56  

Sepehr Rejai and Sumit P. Singh

16 Hypomagnesemia, 59  

Vadim Gudzenko

17 Hypocalcemia and Hypercalcemia, 61  

Moustafa Hassan and Robert N. Cooney

18 Hypoglycemia, 64  

Roshni Sreedharan and Basem Abdelmalak

19 Hyperglycemia, 69  

Roshni Sreedharan and Basem Abdelmalak

20 Anemia, 73  

Fahim A. Habib, Carl Schulman, and Stephen M. Cohn

21 Th rombocytopenia, 79  

Andreas Greinacher and Sixten Selleng

22 Coagulopathy in the ICU, 84  

Anthony J. Lewis and Matthew R. Rosengart

23 Jaundice, 88  

Mitchell P. Fink†

24 Gastrointestinal Bleeding, 90  

Christopher Wybourn and Andre Campbell

25 Ascites, 94  

Zarah D. Antongiorgi and Jennifer Nguyen-Lee

26 Acute Abdominal Pain, 97  

Lucy Z. Kornblith and Rochelle A. Dicker

27 Ileus, 100  

Catherine E. Lewis

28 Diarrhea, 103  

Rajeev Dhupar and Juan B. Ochoa

29 Rash and Fever, 106  

Cheston B. Cunha and Burke A. Cunha

30 Chest Pain, 123  

Arnold S. Baas and David T. Huang

31 Biochemical or Electrocardiographic Evidence of Acute Myocardial Injury, 128  

Rory Farnan and Steven M. Hollenberg

PART 2 Common Approaches for Organ Support, Diagnosis, and Monitoring

32 Point-of-Care Ultrasound, 132  

Sumit P. Singh and Davinder Ramsingh

33 Echocardiography, 138  

Wolf Benjamin Kratzert and Aman Mahajan

34 Cardiovascular Monitoring, 152  

Joseph S. Meltzer and Aaron M. Mittel

35 Bedside Monitoring of Pulmonary Function, 158  

Michael A. Gentile and John D. Davies

36 Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation, 167  

A. Murat Kaynar

37 Tracheal Intubation, 175  

Alexander S. Niven and John D. Davies

38 Tracheostomy, 179  

Pierpaolo Terragni, Chiara Faggiano, and Luca Brazzi

39 Mechanical Ventilation, 184  

Neil R. MacIntyre

40 Renal Replacement Th erapy, 189  

Eric Hoste and Floris Vanommeslaeghe

41 Targeted Temperature Management and Therapeutic Hypothermia, 194  

Kees H. Polderman

42 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (Venovenous and Venoarterial ECMO), 200  

Vadim Gudzenko, Peyman Benharash, and Heidi J. Dalton

43 Nutritional Support in Adults, 207  

Arthur R.H. van Zanten

44 Nutritional Support in Children, 215  

Staci Collins, Dianne Mills, and David M. Steinhorn

45 Early Ambulation in the ICU, 220  

Angela K.M. Lipshutz and Michael A. Gropper

46 Role of Early Mobilization in the Prevention of ICU-Acquired Weakness, 225  

Howard L. Saft and Sumit P. Singh

PART 3 Central Nervous System

47 Advanced Bedside Neuromonitoring, 230  

Jovany Cruz Navarro and Claudia S. Robertson

48 Coma, 235  

Joerg-Patrick Stubgen, Fred Plum†, and Patrick M. Kochanek

49 Use of Brain Injury Biomarkers in Critical Care Settings, 248  

Dongnan Yu, Zhihui Yang, and Kevin K.W. Wang

50 Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation, 252  

Clift on W. Callaway and Joshua C. Reynolds

51 Delirium, 267  

Colleen M. Moran and David Crippen

52 Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke, 273  

Ashutosh P. Jadhav and Lawrence R. Wechsler

53 Nontraumatic Intracerebral and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, 284  

Allyson R. Zazulia and Michael N. Diringer

54 Seizures in the Critically Ill, 295  

Sebastian Pollandt, Adriana Bermeo-Ovalle, and Th omas P. Bleck

55 Neuromuscular Disorders in the Critically Ill, 306  

Diana J. Goodman and Th omas P. Bleck

56 Traumatic Brain Injury, 314  

Kimberly S. Meyer and Donald W. Marion

57 Spinal Cord Injury, 322  

Allan D. Levi

58 Neuroimaging, 327  

David J. Michelson and Stephen Ashwal

59 Intensive Care Aft er Neurosurgery, 339  

Andrew I.R. Maas, Philippe G. Jorens, and Nino Stocchetti

60 Key Issues in Pediatric Neurointensive Care, 351  

Patrick M. Kochanek, Michael J. Bell, Robert W. Hickey, Hulya Bayır, Ericka L. Fink, Randall A. Ruppel, and Robert S.B. Clark

PART 4 Pulmonary

61 Patient-Ventilator Interaction, 366  

V. Marco Ranieri, Vincenzo Squadrone, Lorenzo Appendini, and Cesare Gregoretti

62 Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation, 373  

Felix Yu and Nicholas S. Hill

63 Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation, 380  

Hernan Aguirre-Bermeo, Ferran Roche-Campo, and Jordi Mancebo

64 Adjunctive Respiratory Th erapy, 385  

Sanjay Manocha and Keith R. Walley

65 Hyperbaric Oxygen in Critical Care, 389  

Kinjal N. Sethuraman and Stephen R. Th om

66 Imaging of the Chest, 392  

Caron L. Boyd Dover and Kerry Michael Link

67 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, 413  

Lorraine B. Ware, Julie A. Bastarache, and Gordon R. Bernard

68 Aspiration Pneumonitis and Pneumonia, 425  

Paul E. Marik

69 Severe Asthma Exacerbation, 429  

Th omas C. Corbridge and Susan J. Corbridge

70 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 435  

Peter M.A. Calverley and Paul Phillip Walker

71 Pulmonary Embolism, 442  

David Jimenez, Roger D. Yusen, and Russell D. Hull

72 Pulmonary Hypertension, 456  

Lewis J. Rubin

73 Pneumothorax, 461  

Hans J. Lee, Lonny Yarmus, and David Feller-Kopman

74 Community-Acquired Pneumonia, 464  

Girish B. Nair and Michael S. Niederman

75 Nosocomial Pneumonia, 477  

Gianluigi Li Bassi, Miguel Ferrer, and Antoni Torres

76 Drowning, 493  

David Szpilman, James P. Orlowski, and Joost Bierens

77 Acute Parenchymal Disease in Pediatric Patients, 500  

Kathleen M. Ventre and John H. Arnold

PART 5 Cardiovascular

78 Acute Coronary Syndromes: Th erapy, 520  

Joanne Mazzarelli and Steven M. Hollenberg

79 Supraventricular Arrhythmias, 532  

John Camm and Irina Savelieva

80 Ventricular Arrhythmias, 541  

Raul J. Gazmuri, Cristina Santonocito, and Yenal I.J. Harper

81 Conduction Disturbances and Cardiac Pacemakers, 550  

Jason Knight and John Sarko

82 Myocarditis and Acute Myopathies, 557  

Fredric Ginsberg and Joseph E. Parrillo

83 Acquired and Congenital Heart Disease in Children, 569  

Duncan Macrae and Cecilia Korb

84 Pericardial Diseases, 585  

Bernhard Maisch and Arsen D. Ristic

85 Emergency Heart Valve Disorders, 593  

Jason P. Linefsky and Catherine M. Otto

86 Infectious Endocarditis, 602  

Michel Wolff , Jean-Francois Timsit, and Bruno Mourvillier

87 Hypertensive Crisis: Emergency and Urgency, 609  

Shweta Bansal and Stuart L. Linas

88 Pathophysiology and Classifi cation of Shock States, 617  

Mark E. Astiz

89 Resuscitation from Circulatory Shock, 623  

Benoit Vallet, Emmanuel Robin, and Gilles Lebuff e

90 Inotropic Th erapy, 628  

Jean-Louis Teboul, Xavier Monnet, and Mathieu Jozwiak

91 Mechanical Support in Cardiogenic Shock, 637  

Chris C. Cook and Th omas G. Gleason

PART 6 Gastrointestinal

92 Portal Hypertension: Critical Care Considerations, 650  

Elizabeth Th omas and Jeff Fair

93 Hepatorenal Syndrome, 657  

Anahat Dhillon and Brent Ershoff

94 Hepatopulmonary Syndrome, 662  

Cody D. Turner and David C. Kaufman

95 Hepatic Encephalopathy, 665  

Alvaro Martinez-Camacho, Brett E. Fortune, and Gregory T. Everson

96 Fulminant Hepatic Failure, 673  

Jeff rey Dellavolpe, Roland Amathieu, and Ali Al-Khafaji

97 Calculous and Acalculous Cholecystitis, 680  

Samuel A. Tisherman

98 Acute Pancreatitis, 685  

Pamela Lipsett and Mario Rueda

99 Peritonitis and Intraabdominal Infection, 692  

Justin P. Wagner, David C. Chen, Philip S. Barie, and Jonathan R. Hiatt

100 Ileus and Mechanical Bowel Obstruction, 703  

Janeen Rene Jordan and Stephanie Markle

101 Toxic Megacolon and Ogilvie’s Syndrome, 705  

Chasen Ashley Croft

PART 7 Renal

102 Clinical Assessment of Renal Function, 712  

Todd W.B. Gehr and Anton C. Schoolwerth

103 Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury, 718  

Charles L. Edelstein

104 Metabolic Acidosis and Alkalosis, 726  

Ashita J. Tolwani, Manish K. Saha, and Keith M. Wille

105 Water Metabolism, 743  

Elchanan Fried and Charles Weissman

106 Disorders of Calcium and Magnesium Metabolism, 751  

Michelle K. McNutt and Rosemary A. Kozar

107 Fluid and Volume Th erapy in the ICU, 761  

Todd W. Robinson and Barry I. Freedman

108 Fluids and Electrolytes in Pediatrics, 766  

Desmond Bohn

109 Acute Kidney Injury, 773  

Elwaleed A. Elhassan and Robert W. Schrier

110 Urinary Tract Obstruction, 784  

John Montford, Isaac Teitelbaum, and Scott Liebman

111 Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury, 790  

Ayub Akbari and Swapnil Hiremath

112 Glomerulonephritis, 794  

Sara T. Burgardt, Vivek R. Sanghani, Ronald J. Falk, and Gerald A. Hladik

113 Interstitial Nephritis, 799  

Sara T. Burgardt, Vivek R. Sanghani, Ronald J. Falk, and Gerald A. Hladik

PART 8 Infectious Diseases

114 Antimicrobial Stewardship, 802  

Marin H. Kollef and Scott T. Micek

115 Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Pneumonia, 807  

Richard G. Wunderink

116 Antimicrobial Agents with Primary Activity Against Gram-Negative Bacteria, 812  

Rose Jung and Susan J. Lewis

117 Antimicrobial Agents with Primary Activity Against Gram-Positive Bacteria, 818  

Kelli A. Cole and Diane M. Cappelletty

118 Antimicrobial Agents Active Against Anaerobic Bacteria, 827  

Itzhak Brook

119 Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract, 832  

Anne Marie G.A. De Smet

120 Vascular Catheter-Related Infections, 837  

Jean-Francois Timsit

121 Septic Shock, 843  

Jean-Louis Vincent

122 Sepsis and Multiple Organ System Failure in Children, 849  

Joseph A. Carcillo and Jan A. Hazelzet

123 Infections of the Urogenital Tract, 855  

Florian M.E. Wagenlehner, Adrian Pilatz, Wolfgang Weidner, and Kurt G. Naber

124 Central Nervous System Infections, 862  

Michael J. Bradshaw and Karen C. Bloch

125 Infections of Skin, Muscle, and Soft Tissue, 877  

David C. Evans and Steven M. Steinberg

126 Head and Neck Infections, 884  

Jeremy D. Gradon

127 Infections in the Immunocompromised Patient, 889  

Steven A. McGloughlin and David L. Paterson

128 Infectious Endocarditis, 896  

Anastasia Antoniadou and Helen Giamarellou

129 Fungal Infections, 900  

Philipp Koehler, Paul O. Gubbins, and Oliver A. Cornely

130 Infl uenza, 912  

Steven M. Opal and Anand Kumar

131 Human Immunodefi ciency Virus Infection, 919  

M. Patricia George and Alison Morris

132 Tuberculosis, 924  

Melissa L. New and Edward D. Chan

133 Malaria and Other Tropical Infections in the Intensive Care Unit, 932  

Frederique A. Jacquerioz and Daniel G. Bausch

134 Acute Viral Syndromes, 947  

John F. McNamara and David L. Paterson

135 Clostridium diffi cile Infection, 954  

Mark H. Wilcox

PART 9 Hematology

136 Anemia and RBC Transfusion, 958  

Shane W. English and Lauralyn McIntyre

137 Blood Component Th erapies, 964  

James P. Isbister

138 Venous Th romboembolism in Medical-Surgical Critically Ill Patients, 971  

Robert J. Walter and Lisa K. Moores

139 Monitoring of Coagulation Status, 976  

John Leo Anderson-Dam

140 Anticoagulation in the Intensive Care Unit, 979  

Jerrold H. Levy

141 Critical Care of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipient, 983  

Robert M. Kotloff , Aanchal Kapoor, and Steve G. Peters

PART 10 Obstetrics

142 Cardiovascular and Endocrinologic Changes Associated with Pregnancy, 988  

Marie R. Baldisseri

143 Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy, 994  

Marie R. Baldisseri

144 Acute Pulmonary Complications During Pregnancy, 1000  

Cornelia R. Graves

145 Postpartum Hemorrhage, 1006  

Cornelia R. Graves

146 Neurologic Critical Illness in Pregnancy, 1012  

Paul M. Vespa

PART 11 Endocrine

147 Hyperglycemia and Blood Glucose Control, 1018  

Dieter Mesotten and Greet Van Den Berghe

148 Adrenal Insuffi ciency, 1024  

Herwig Gerlach

149 Th yroid Disorders, 1034  

Angela M. Leung and Alan P. Farwell

150 Diabetes Insipidus, 1043  

Serge Brimioulle

151 Metabolic and Endocrine Crises in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, 1046  

Andrew C. Argent

PART 12 Pharmacology and Toxicology

152 General Principles of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, 1062  

Richard C. Brundage and Henry J. Mann

153 Poisoning: Overview of Approaches for Evaluation and Treatment, 1070  

Brenna Farmer and Donna L. Seger

PART 13 Surgery/Trauma

154 Resuscitation of Hypovolemic Shock, 1078  

Juan Carlos Puyana

155 Mediastinitis, 1081  

Giovanni Piovesana and Th omas M. Beaver

156 Epistaxis, 1085  

Rohit Pravin Patel

157 Management of the Postoperative Cardiac Surgical Patient, 1088  

Patrick J. O’Neill, Conrad F. Diven, and Daniel R. Meldrum

158 Intensive Care Unit Management of Lung Transplant Patients, 1099  

Satish Chandrashekaran, Amir Emtiazjoo, and Juan C. Salgado

159 Management of the Postoperative Liver Transplant Patient, 1106  

Gregory Beilman and Kaysie Banton

160 Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation: The Ultimate Treatment for Intestinal Failure, 1115  

Geoff rey J. Bond, Rajesh K. Aneja, Sarangarajan Ranganathan, Kathryn Felmet, Jeff rey A. Rudolph, Jorge Reyes, and George V. Mazariegos

161 Aortic Dissection, 1129  

Neel R. Sodha and Frank W. Sellke

162 Splanchnic Ischemia, 1135  

Jeroen J. Kolkman and Robert H. Geelkerken

163 Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, 1143  

Zsolt J. Balogh and Frederick A. Moore

164 Extremity Compartment Syndromes, 1147  

Roman Košir and Andrej Cˇretnik

165 Th romboembolization and Th rombolytic Th erapy, 1157  

Michael C. Madigan and Edith Tzeng

166 Atheroembolization, 1164  

Aravinda Page and Yasir Abu-Omar

167 Pressure Ulcers, 1169  

Corbin E. Goerlich and Laura J. Moore

168 Burns, Including Inhalation Injury, 1172  

Robert L. Sheridan

169 Th oracic Trauma, 1180  

Walter L. Biffl

170 Abdominal Trauma, 1188  

Angie Ingraham and Andrew B. Peitzman

171 Pelvic and Major Long Bone Fractures, 1191  

Randolph Edwards and Orlando Kirton

172 Pediatric Trauma, 1195  

Constance Lee and Shawn D. Larson

173 Management of the Brain-Dead Organ Donor, 1205  

Krista Turner

174 Donation Aft er Cardiac Death (Non-Heart-Beating Donation), 1212  

Stephanie Grace Yi and Sherilyn Gordon Burroughs

PART 14 Ethical and End-of-Life Issues

175 Conversations with Families of Critically Ill Patients, 1224  

Margaret L. Isaac and J. Randall Curtis

176 Resource Allocation in the Intensive Care Unit, 1229  

Gordon D. Rubenfeld

177 Basic Ethical Principles in Critical Care, 1234  

Th omas A. Bledsoe, Nicholas S. Ward, and Mitchell M. Levy

178 Determination of Brain Death, 1238  

Rajeev K. Garg and Th omas P. Bleck

PART 15 Organization and Management

179 Building Teamwork to Improve Outcomes, 1242  

Daleen Aragon Penoyer, Carinda Feild, and Joseph Abdellatif Ibrahim

180 Th e Pursuit of Performance Excellence, 1247  

Josh Ettinger, Joel H. Ettinger, Peter J. Pronovost, and Th omas G. Rainey

181 Severity of Illness Indices and Outcome Prediction: Adults, 1256  

Th omas L. Higgins

182 Severity of Illness Indices and Outcome Prediction: Children, 1270  

Anthony D. Slonim and Murray M. Pollack

183 Long-Term Outcomes of Critical Illness, 1277  

Florian B. Mayr and Sachin Yende

184 Mass Critical Care, 1280  

Ariel L. Shiloh, Richard H. Savel, and Vladimir Kvetan

185 Telemedicine in Intensive Care, 1293  

Alejandro J. Lopez-Magallon, Joan Sanchez-de-Toledo, and Ricardo Munoz

186 Teaching Critical Care, 1297  

Christopher K. Schott