The Architectural Review

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: 10/Year
Language: English

The world's favourite architectural magazine, with subscribers from over 130 countries. The Architectural Review is an inspirational guide to the world's architecture.

The Architecture Review

Published ( 10 issues per year )

About The Architecture Review

Ideas, innovation and inspiration since 1896.

Offering critical thinking for critical times, The Architecture Review (AR)  provides intellectual sustenance and stimulus across the full scope of architectural production, equipping you with inspiration, insight and intelligence you need to complete exceptional projects.

Each month it features an unrivalled collection of significant buildings from around the world, brought to life by compelling critiques and beautifully illustrated with superb photography, drawings and technical details. But what makes the AR’s building studies unique is the insightful commentary they give you, including the history, the social impact and the reasons why certain choices were made.