Vanity Fair (UK)

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: Yearly
Language: English

Nobody knows more about star power than VANITY FAIR. Each issue brings you high-profile interviews, breathtaking photography, and thought-provoking features on the world's most engaging people, places and personalities. Plus, you'll also receive must-see special issues like the Hollywood issue and the Best-Dressed issue. VANITY FAIR sparks the global conversation about the people and ideas that matter most

Vanity Fair (UK)

Published ( 12 issues per year )


Vanity Fair magazine is one of the leading general interest publications available today. Written for the reader who appreciates expert storytelling and dynamic articles that sometimes spark a debate, the periodical covers a wide range of topics such as fashion, politics, travel, business, design, and more. Originally published briefly in 1913 and combined with Vogue magazine in 1936, the magazine as it appears today was revived in 1983.

Vanity Fair magazine attracts many award-winning journalists and photographers who contribute articles on a regular basis. The publication prides itself on featuring sophisticated content with bold photos that enhance what each author strives to convey. Recent topics include lavish holiday gifts for pets, fashion knockoffs, similarities between American and British humor, a look inside the New York City Ballet, and a guide to Cannes and the French Riviera.