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Worldwide Books, Magazines and Journals

Bazaar International was established in 1985 with the objective of exporting Nepalese handicrafts and importing of consumer products. Over the years, we have transformed ourselves as an exporter and importer of press publications. Our primary business has been the sales of books, magazines and newspapers. While we are importing foreign publications, we are also exporting Nepali magazines and newspapers to Gulf countries.

We are the authorized distributor of The Economist Newspaper Limited, TIME ASIA (Hong Kong) Limited, RLEX India Private Limited, Springer Nature, Wolters Kluwer India Private Limited, TIMES of INDIA Group, Living Media Private Limited, PROQUEST e-resources for libraries, World Bank Publications Unit, and the Asian Development Bank Publications Unit, UN Publications among many others. We work with a network of suppliers and freight forwarders in New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We have multipronged sales strategies of whole selling, retailing and online sales of a wide range of medical, scientific and technical books as well as subscription services for consumer magazines, professional and medical journals. We are a team of 20 professionals using our own customized IT applications.

Bazaar International is a member of DISTRIPRESS, a nonprofit trade organization based in Zurich-Switzerland with a membership of 470 publishers, distributors and freight forwarders and ancillary members from 97 countries. We are also a member of Nepal Book Sellers and Publishers Association.

With our extensive network of strategic partnerships with publishers, vendors and service providers, we take pride in providing superlative services to our valued customers.

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