Quick Review Series: B.Sc. Nursing 1st Year, 1e
QRS for BSc Nursing 1st Year is an extremely exam-oriented book. The book contains a collection of the last 10 years' solved questions of Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition & Bio-chemistry, Microbiology, Psychology and Nursing Foundation in accordance with the new syllabus as per Indian Nursing Council.
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Pocket Guide for ECGs Made Easy: 1st SAE
Get quick access to essential ECG information with the Pocket Guide for ECGs Made Easy, First South Asia Edition. Reflecting the American Heart Association’s 2015 ECC resuscitation guidelines, this full-color guide contains key points and selected ECG rhythm strips to help you correctly identify ECG rhythms whether you’re in the classroom or in the field.
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Medical Biochemistry: Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates
The broad goal of teaching biochemistry to undergraduate students is to make them understand the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and to orient them towards the application of the knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems.
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Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Practical Manual, 1e
This Practical manual is designed to address the need of the undergraduate medical students to help them to face the practical examination with ease. This prepares the students adequately in practical aspects.
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Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease: SAE
Dependable, current, and complete, this perennially best-selling text is one that you’ll use long after your medical student days are behind you. A world-class author team delivers the latest, most essential pathology knowledge in a readable, interesting manner, ensuring optimal understanding of the latest basic science and clinical content. High-quality photographs and full-color illustrations highlight new information in molecular biology, disease classifications, new drugs and drug therapies, and much more.
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Textbook of Orthodontics, 1/e
This book is an effort to step up with the present changing scenarios of learning. It is the fruition of striking a balance between rejuvenated fundamentals of classical manuscripts, the fresh knowledge rich curriculum and tailored resource package with outstanding transparencies. It combines the strong foundation of basic core elements of orthodontic concepts, proper diagnosis and recognition of problems and exposure to treatment strategies and methodologies.
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Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease- 2 Volume Set: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, 10/e
"This classical textbook represents one of the most valuable clinical resources in the dynamic field of gastroenterology and hepatology, being not only an indispensable tool for updating knowledge in specialists in gastroenterology and hepatology and surgeons, pathologists and internists in the connected fields, but also very useful for young fellows and medical students." Reviewed by Brindusa Diaconu on behalf of the Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, July 2015.
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Rapid Review Pathology: 1st SAE
This outline-format review of key concepts features high-yield full-color images and margin notes – PLUS more than 400 USMLE™- style questions online! It’s all the help you need to prepare efficiently and get the best score!
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World Development Report 2018: Learning to Realize Education's Promise
Every year, the World Bank's World Development Report (WDR) features a topic of central importance to global development. The 2018 WDR LEARNING to Realize Education's Promise is the first ever devoted entirely to education. And the timing is excellent: education has long been critical to human welfare, but it is even more so in a time of rapid economic and social change. The best way to equip children and youth for the future is to place their learning at the center.
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Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat & Head and Neck Surgery, 7/e
The book is clinically oriented with practical approach to the patient as before and provides broad insight into the subject for undergraduates. It is hoped that this edition of the book will also prove useful to students of DLO, MS/MD and DNB (Diplomate National Board) as a foundation course before they take recourse to comprehensive volumes of the subject.
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Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing - 2nd SAE
The South Asia adaptation of Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing has got the original content modified to suit the MSN curricula of South Asian countries. The content quality and suitability to the South Asian curricula has been validated by renowned experts/faculty members.
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Time Magazine
Time magazine is a weekly news magazine that covers the most important events close to home and around the world.
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The Economist
The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.
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The Banker (UK Ed.)
The Banker provides economic and financial intelligence for the world's financial sector and has built a reputation for objective and incisive reporting.
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Community Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates, 2/e
This book fulfills the unmet need of quick review question answer book and at the same time cover the entire syllabus of Community Medicine, spread over 30 chapters.
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Community Medicine: Practical Manual, 1e
Reflecting author’s experience as a teacher, guide and examiner this book is primarily for the MBBS students to face the practical examination and viva; however, it is also useful for the students pursuing MD/DNB (Community Medicine), MPH, DPH and other relevant disciplines.
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BBC Top Gear (UK Ed.)
A true car lover will find everything required in Top Gear, even tips on maintenance and information on the best car products.
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Abernathy's Surgical Secrets, 1st SAE
For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series® has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review.
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Journal of Architectural Engineering
The Journal of Architectural Engineering is a multidisciplinary forum for research-based engineering and technical information related to building engineering design. This unique journal covers a broad range of topics and disciplines including building systems, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering; acoustics; environmental quality, lighting and sustainability.
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The Plan
THE PLAN - Architecture & Technologies in Detail, founded in 2001, is published by Centauro Edizioni, Bologna (Italy). Today 8 issues released every year (6 regular and 2 special issues), THE PLAN is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design reviews on the market.
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