Fast Company (US)

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: Bi-monthly
ISSN: 1085-9241
Language: English

Fast Company has been dedicated to covering the latest cutting-edge developments in the business world. With a unique focus on the emergence of design and the ever growing culture of sustainability Fast Company continues to advise and inform its readers in a way unlike any other magazine.

Fast Company (US)

Published ( 10 issues per year )

About Fast Company (US)

Fast Company magazine is more than just another business magazine, because it focuses on the movers and shakers who primarily exist behind the scenes. The journalists working for the magazine head to the human resources and public relations departments to take readers further into the business world than ever before. With features on businesspeople and politicians, technology columns, and innovators in the field, it gives readers an inside look at business.

Fast Company magazine has several regular columns, including one that looks at all issues concerning a specific business problem. Authors like Elizabeth Spiers show the pros and cons of any action that you might take in response to a problem. The magazine also publishes a column on the importance of marketing and new methods of marketing, and another column helps newcomers to technology understand how recent changes are affecting the business world.