Holland & Brew's Manual of Obstetrics, 4/e

Author: Daftary
Edition: 4/e
ISBN: 9788131242407
Language: English
Published: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier India

This book is based on the classic ‘Holland and Brews Manual of Obstetrics’. The 4th edition is comprehensive with clear concepts, concrete up-to-date knowledge and student friendly “one stop obstetrics text book”

Holland & Brew's Manual of Obstetrics



This book is based on the classic ‘Holland and Brews Manual of Obstetrics’. The 4th edition is comprehensive with clear concepts, concrete up-to-date knowledge and student friendly “one stop obstetrics text book”. Basic principles, investigations, management options as well as the recent advances have all been explained in a simple and systematic manner. The information given is evidence based and incorporated international guidelines and management protocols.

Key Features

  • Every chapter has been thoroughly edited, revised and updated with recent advances in Obstetrics.
  • The book has been made comprehensive with addition of new content, algorithms, figures, drug regimens and tables.
  • Several new chapters have been added namely Decision Making in Obstetrics, Management of Post-caesarean Pregnancy, Obstetric History Taking, Obstetric Examination, Ready Reckoner – Labour Care
  • Chapters on Specimens and Instruments in Obstetrics have been added to aid student to prepare for viva voce. So now it is ‘all in one cover’ book
  • The format is modified to help not only students in obstetrics but also the practicing obstetricians
  • Points to Remember in every chapter highlighting important information 

Table of Contents

Section I Basics of Reproduction
1 Reproductive Anatomy
2 Fundamentals of Reproduction
3 The Fetus
4 Birth Defects, Genetics, Teratology and Counselling
5 Maternal Physiologic Changes in Pregnancy
6 Endocrinology of Pregnancy

Section II Normal Pregnancy
7 Diagnosis of Pregnancy
8 The Fetus in Utero and Fetopelvic Relationship
9 Prenatal (Antenatal) Care
10 Fetus at Risk: Identification and Assessment

Section III Medical, Surgical and Gynaecological Disorders in Pregnancy
11 Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
12 Epilepsy in Pregnancy
13 Anaemia in Pregnancy
14 Heart Diseases in Pregnancy
15 Diabetes in Pregnancy
16 Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy
17 Pyelonephritis in Pregnancy
18 Malaria in Pregnancy
19 Dengue Fever Complicating Pregnancy
20 Hepatitis in Pregnancy
21 Bronchial Asthma in Pregnancy
22 Tuberculosis Complicating Pregnancy
23 Rh-Isoimmunization
24 HIV Infection Complicating Pregnancy
25 Perinatal Infectious Diseases
26 Surgical Disorders in Pregnancy
27 Gynaecological Disorders in Pregnancy

Section IV Obstetric Disorders in Pregnancy
28 Abortion
29 Ectopic Pregnancy
30 Intrauterine Fetal Growth Restriction (Retardation)
31 Multifetal Pregnancy
32 Antepartum Haemorrhage
33 Placenta Praevia
34 Accidental Haemorrhage (Abruptio Placentae)
35 Hydramnios
36 Post-term Pregnancy (Postmaturity and Postdatism)
37 Intrauterine Fetal Death
38 Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

Section V Normal Labour
39 Onset of Labour
40. Uterine activity in labour
41 Effects of Labour on Mother and fetus
42. clinical course of labour
43. Mechanism of labour
44. Documentation of labour
45. Management of labour

Section VI Abnormal labour
46. Abnormal fetal positions and presentations
47. Prolonged labour
48. Abnormal uterine action
49. Contracted pelvis
50. Obstructed labour
51. Rupture of the uterus
52. Other maternal soft tissues traumas
53. Postpartum hemorrhage
54. Preterm labour
55. Premature rupture of membranes
56. Induction of labour
57. Fetal surveillance in labour
58. Fetal distress
59. Obstetric shock
60. Pulmonary embolism in obstetrics
61. Coagulation disorders and thrombocytopenia

Section VII Puerperium
62. Normal puerperium
63. Disorders of puerperium

Section VIII Drugs in Obstetrics
64. Obstetric analgesia and anesthesia
65. Drugs in pregnancy & lactation

Section IX Investigations in obstetric practice & assessment of fetal well being
66. Ultrasonography in fetal health assessment
67. Antenatal detection of abnormal fetal development
68. Antenatal testing for fetal well-being: Cardiotocography

Section X Obstetric interventions and operations
69. Operative procedures in early pregnancy
70. Versions
71. Episiotomy
72. Obstetric forceps
73. Vacuum extractor
74. Caesarean section
75. Surgical management of severe obstetric haemorrhage
76. Destructive operations on the fetus

Section XI Safe motherhood

77. The safe motherhood initiative
78. Maternal mortality
79. Perinatal mortality

Section XII The newborn infant
80. Care and examination of the newborn
81. Adaptation and resuscitation of the newborn
82. Problems of the newborn
83. Infections in the newborn
84. Congenital fetal malformations
85. Neurological presentations in the newborn
86. The small newborn

Section XIII Contraception and termination of pregnancy
87. Contraception
88. Induced abortions: Medical termination of pregnancy

Section XIV Contemporary Obstetric Practice

89. Immunology in pregnancy
90. Trauma in pregnancy
91. Sexually transmitted diseases in pregnancy
92. Substance abuse in pregnancy
93. Medicolegal issues and risk management
94. Special cases in obstetric practice
95. Evidence-based Obstetrics

Section XV Clinical Aspects in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
96. Obstetric history taking
97. Obstetric examination
98. Labor Care – Ready reckoner: Labor Care
99. Obstetric Management - Decision making
101. Specimens in Obstetrics
102. Obstetric Instruments