The Plan

Period: 1 Year
Edition: Print only
Frequency: 8 Issues/Year
ISSN: 1720-6553
Language: English

THE PLAN - Architecture & Technologies in Detail, founded in 2001, is published by Centauro Edizioni, Bologna (Italy). Today 8 issues released every year (6 regular and 2 special issues), THE PLAN is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design reviews on the market.

The Plan

Published ( 8 issues per year )

About the Plan

“THE PLAN - Architecture & Technologies in Detail” , founded in Bologna in 2001, is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design reviews in Italy and worldwide . THE PLAN’s editorial approach is to provide in-depth understanding of the architectures reviewed. Content quality is a major prerequisite and each project is prepared with the utmost attention, from the construction details through to images and graphic design. THE PLAN’s readers readers - architects, designers, engineers, investors and developers - are the decision makers of materials and technological systems for constructions, solutions for contract, interior design and outdoor.

Today’s integrated project-development approach, whereby suppliers work with architects as design and construction partners, means that THE PLAN’s readers have a broad overview of what’s available and whom to contact for new building technologies and innovative design. According to THE PLAN international approach, the projects texts are in English and Italian while the construction details are in English, Italian, German and Spanish. THE PLAN has subscribers in 70 countries and distribution in newsstands, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, bookstores, in more than 60 countries worldwide.