Yoga Journal (US)
Yoga Journal is a healthy living magazine that is devoted to health, exercise, and the yoga lifestyle. It is a valuable resource for yogis of all ages, offering tips on completing poses correctly, eating well, and delivering information about the spiritual side of practicing yoga.
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Osho World (Hin.)
Osho World Patrika presents extracts of selected Osho discourses and news and information on Osho and sannyas.The Patrika also provides information about the forthcoming meditation events and groups, and activities in the Sannyas world.
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Shambhala Sun (US)
The Lion's Roar (previously Shambhala Sun) is an independent, bimonthly magazine (in print and online) that offers a nonsectarian view of "Buddhism, Culture, Meditation, and Life". Presented are teachings from the Buddhist and other contemplative traditions, with an emphasis on applying the principles of mindfulness and awareness practices to everyday life.

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